Caribbean Stud Poker


Below you will find 10 useful Caribbean stud poker tips

  1. Always fold if you have less than ace/king
  2. Do not play the jackpot unless it is very big. The jackpot is a big money source for the casino and the casino edge is a lot bigger for the jackpot than it is for the regular game.
  3. Do not get sucked into talking about your cards with other players.
  4. Do not try to touch your cards once you have put them back on the table. Doing so will annoy the dealer.
  5. Stay on the dealers good side. He runs the game and if he likes you or not might make the difference in how he looks at a situation if there is a problem.
  6. Always play pairs and better. That will earn you money in the long run. Pairs are only dealt in 46% of all hands. This means that pairs wins more than they loose. A pair will in fact win 76% of the time. This means that it is worth playing even low pairs.
  7. Play at a table where you like the other players. That will make the experience more enjoyable.
  8. Do not try to “bluff” the dealer, IE betting on that the dealer will not be able to open the hand. This might seem to happen often and you will win individual hands but you will loose money by doing so in the long run. The dealer will open 56% of the time. If the dealer open and win he will win both the bet and the ante. If he on the other hand do not open you will only win the ante. This means that you will need the dealer to open less than 33% of the hands for it to be worth trying to bluff the dealer.
  9. Remember that the dealer will always have an edge. If you want to play a skill based game you should look towards regular poker instead. Regular poker can eb found in most casinos and online in poker rooms such as pokerstars.
  10. Remember to have fun. Caribbean stud poker is a game that offers the casino an edge. It should hence primarily be played to have fun.

A video with more tips