Caribbean Stud Poker



Caribbean Stud Poker, also less commonly referred to as Spice Island Poker, is a casino table game and unlike many other other poker games where you play against other players you will play only against the dealer in Caribbean stud poker. The hands of the other players are of no importance other than that it might add to the atmosphere and excitement at the table. Each round is quick and it is possible to see a lot of action in a short time. The relatively small edge of the casino will however make sure that your money last for a long time even if the luck is not on your side. The basic principle is that the player place an ante and get dealt his cards. If the player likes his card he can decide to stay in the hand by betting or he can decide to fold in which case he will loose his ante. The dealer needs at least an Ace/King combo to open the hand. If the dealer can not open the hand all players wins an amount equal to their ante. If the dealer has a good enough hand to open the game whomever have the best hand of the player and the dealer wins. Below you can read a more detailed guide on how to play the game.

Playing the Game:

1 – The player places the ante in the designated field on the table.

2 – All players and the dealer receives five cards each. The dealers hand has 4 cards that are face down and one card that is face up. This card is shown to help the players decide what they want to do.

3 – The player can now decide if he wants to fold his hand and loose his ante or if he want to bet and stay in the hand. If the player want to stay in the hand he has to place twice the ante in the designated field on the table.

4 – Once all the players made their choices the dealer reveals his hand. If the dealer does not meet the minimum requirement to continue the game, ace/king, the dealer will end the game. If this happens all the players will get their wager back plus double the ante. The players cards are never shown and the players hands does not matter. One exception from this rule is if the player has played the jackpot and has a hand good enough to qualify for a payout. In this is the case the player should call the dealers attention to it and ask the dealer to open his hand.

If the dealer has king/ace or better the game move on to the next face. The dealer will now display the players hand. If the player has a better hand than the dealer he will win. How much he wins depends on his hand. Different hands has different payouts as can be seen in the table below. If the dealers hand is better than the players hand the player looses his bet and ante.

Caribbean Stud Payouts

Hand Type Payoff
Royal Flush Ten, Jack, Queen, King, Ace of the same suite 100 to 1
Straight Flush Any five cards of the same suit in subsequent order 50 to 1
Four of a Kind Any four cards of identical rank 20 to 1
Full House Any three cards of equal rank in addition to any Pair 7 to 1
Flush Any five cards bearing identical suits 5 to 1
Straight Any five cards in subsequent order 4 to 1
Three of a Kind Any three cards of identical rank 3 to 1
Two Pair Any four cards of two different ranks 2 to 1
Pair Any two cards of identical rank 1 to 1
Ace/King A hand composed of an Ace and a King with any other odd cards 1 to 1

Additional Rules

Each player is only allowed to play one hand unlike as an example in blackjack where a player can play several hands on the same table.

Players are nor allowed to share information about their hands. If a player talk to another player about their cards the dealer can declare their hands dead and their wagers forfeited. If a player says what he has to the entire table a hand can be declared a misdeal and new cards are dealt.

You are also not allowed to touch the cards of other players nor the dealer. If you do you will be disqualified and your wagers will be forfeited. You can touch your own card after the players has told you to do so. The cards need to remain over the table at all time and you are not allowed to obscure the dealers view of the cards. Once you place the cards back down on the table you are not allowed to touch the cards again.

A player is allowed to place bets until the dealer closes the table for new bets. If the hole card by mistake is displayed before the betting has ceased the hand is dead and a new hand will be dealt in place of the old one. When this happens all bets goes back to the players.

If you play the jackpot it is up to you to make sure that you play the jackpot on every hand. If you forget to put down the jackpot bet that is no ones responsibility but yours.

If any players or the dealers hand contain more or less cards than it should a misdeal will be declared followed by a re-deal.