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Forget poker, try sport betting

Having a bad day at the poker tables? Why not try something new? If you use the site you will get back on the winning track. The site collects todays best betting tips from experts around ther web and publish them on one site to make it easy for you.

The site have a focus on europe where fotball rules but it also publish betting tips about US sports and leagues such as NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and MLS. But if you want to try your luck with horse racing and are fine with using Google Translate then is awsome for you. The site is in swedish but have a lot of great content if you want to bet on horse racing.

And of course you get a big fat cash bonus when you starta new account at a sport betting bookmaker. The offers can go from 25$ free bet to 200€ cash bonus. The free bet works like this:

1. You place the free bet on a game.
2. If you win the bet you get money for it just like always. But if you lose the bet they will refund you.

Good luck with the sport betting adventure.

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