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Full Tilt Poker introduces casino games

Gaming companies tend to offer all-inclusive services to their members and many bookmakers are now offering online casino games as well as poker. The desire to expand is irresistible and since most of their customers are more than willing to shift from sports betting to slot machines or poker, the transition makes perfect sense. While bookmakers and online casinos have added poker to their comprehensive offer, very few poker rooms did the same with traditional casino games and sports betting.

Full Tilt Poker is willing to take it one step at a time and apparently it will all begin with the poker room offering casino games. Surprising enough, it is this company that made the transition rather than PokerStars, who now owns Full Tilt Poker. To some extent, it would make sense for the parent company to do the same in the foreseeable future while using this as a sandbox experiment.caribbeanpoker

At a first glance it looks like the poker room can’t go wrong with this pet project and the fact that they chose to tweak the client several months ahead suggests perfect planning. The alternative was to come up with an entirely different client for online casino games, but this would have to complicated matters for their players. There is no reason to add another layer of complexity when you can use the same application to run roulette, poker, blackjack and Caribbean poker and this is exactly what Full Tilt Poker has done.

In order to test the effectiveness of this new project, the games will temporarily be available exclusively to members residing in the United Kingdom. Assuming things go according to the plan, all their members will be allowed to play online casino games in a not so distant future. Rational Group and Leander Games have discussed the opportunity of such a deal several months ago and apparently the two companies reached a mutually beneficial solution.

Full Tilt Poker officials are yet to make any statements, but the other side involved was more than willing to shed some light on this partnership. Steven Matsell who is the CEO of Leander expressed his confidence in the potential of this project and announced that games will be available in both play and real money. Poker fans will probably stick to their game of choice but they will occasionally spin the reels for fun, while some will even make a more permanent transition to this new and exciting niche.

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