Caribbean Stud Poker

Give Three Card Poker a chance

Three Card PokerThose who step into a live casino for the first time are inclined to play one of the games that have simple rules and where the tables never run out of players. This is why Caribbean poker is still popular despite its obvious decline and in the same category we can include Three Card Poker which is commonly referred to as Tri-Card Poker. Unlike Caribbean stud poker which is featured mainly in live casinos, the latter is equally popular over the Internet and there are numerous opportunities of making profits at these tables.

The two games are quite similar and in both cases players have to beat the dealer, but in this particular case they only have three cards at their disposal. This means that it is much easier to pick up the rules and understand the winning combinations, not to mention that they follow the same pattern as Caribbean stud poker. You win the maximum amount with a Royal flush, followed by a straight flush and four of a kind, with the payouts table going downwards in virtually the exactly the same format as in other types of poker.

The only notable difference is that the straight is stronger than a flush in three card poker and there is a good reason for why this happens. It is more difficult to make a straight than having three cards of the same suit, so it pays slightly better but the difference is negligible. When it comes to the dealer, she still needs to have an eligible hand for qualifying for the next stage of the game and this has to include at least a queen high.

Once this condition is met, the game progresses with the players choosing between a raise or fold, with the former translating into the placement of a bet equal to the ante. If the dealer doesn’t qualify, the stakes are returned and the game starts all over again. Risk-averse players are recommended to play hands that are at least Q64 high, because when you have a hand stronger than this, you have better chances than the dealer to win and on long-term this strategy with keep you afloat even though it won’t make you rich.

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