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Online casinos edge land-based counterparts

For decades, those with a genuine passion for gambling had no option but to step into a land-based casino and hope that lady luck will smile benevolently upon them. While these venues still exercise an irresistible attraction for gamblers, a trend has emerged and players are slowly but surely making the transition to Internet gambling in general and online poker in particular. makes its contribution to the cause, by meeting gamblers half way and helping them make an educated choice.caribbeanpoker

The slot machines recommended have high payouts, frequently exceeding 97%, which is better than what most land-based casinos offer. The advantage of playing from the comfort of your home while enjoying unrestricted access to online casino games greatly simplifies the decision. Not surprisingly, the brick-and-mortar casinos are experiencing a drop in revenue and not even the most lucrative gaming hub stayed untouched.

Macau casinos have announced a drop in revenue for the fifth consecutive month, with October marking the worst month this year. The numbers suggest that the revenue has plunged by almost 23%, which is one of the worst downswings since the global financial crisis hit in 2009. China’s crackdown on corruption and the fading number of tourists is hurting land-based casinos in Macau, but the number of those who choose online pokies is on the rise.

While brick-and-mortar casinos are the place to go to for highrollers and those who enjoy spending time at VIP tables, regular players are more interested to play free online pokies. The fact that they are presented with free spins which can be used on selected slot machines is even better, as this provides them with a chance of winning real money without investing a dime. There are bonus codes to redeem and the release of new slots are usually accompanied by such promotions.

Those who wonder how to make easy money playing online casino games, should start with collecting these free spins and participate in tournaments. This is something that those who chose online poker are already familiar with, as poker rooms frequently organize freerolls. They have exactly the same structure as regular tournaments, with the ones making a deep run collecting the biggest payouts, but the difference is that freerolls don’t have any entry fee.

Free pokies are a great way to get familiar with the offer of most online casinos, but sooner or later players will strive to make the transition to real money games. They carry a tiny house edge and those who take advantage of all the welcome bonuses and promotions, can further decrease it and maximize their own chances of staying profitable.

On the long run, players need all the help they can get regardless of their game of choice and cashback promotions are not to be underestimated. Online poker players make a lot of their money as a result of taking advantage of the rake-back offers, with some poker rooms returning as much as 30% to those who have attained VIP status.

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