Caribbean Stud Poker


Caribbean stud is usually played with an associated jackpot. The jackpot is a side game and you need to place a special jackpot bet to play for the jackpot. If you do not place this bet you can not win the jackpot. You Caribbean stud poker hand will decide whether you win the jackpot, a smaller amount or nothing at all. The full jackpot is paid out when a royal straight flush is dealt to a player that is playing on the jackpot. It does not matter if the dealer can open the hand or not. If the player has a royal straight flush he should let the dealer know to look at the hand and if he does he will receive the jackpot. The odds of receiving a royal straight flush is very small and the Caribbean stud jackpots can therefore often grow to very high numbers before someone wins them. Some of the biggest casino jackpots ever have in fact been Caribbean stud jackpots. It is not unusual that a jackpot is worth several million. You can usually see the value of the jackpot on a sign above the Caribbean stud table.

It is important to remember that the jackpot is a cash cow for the casino. They want you to play the jackpot because the jackpot has a lot lower pay back rate than the game itself. The jackpot is usually not worth playing from a statistical standpoint unless it is very big. If it is very big it can make sense to play it. It can also be fun to play and if you play for fun the jackpot can add a lot of extra excitement for little extra money. A common reason that a lot of people play the jackpot is because they know they would never forgive themselves if they got a royal straight flush when they hadn’t played on the jackpot.

The jackpot usually pays out as follows:
Royal Flush: 100% of the jackpot
Straight Flush: 10% of the jackpot
Four Of A Kind: $100 from the jackpot
Full House: $75 from the jackpot
Flush: $50 from the jackpot

Variations do occur between different countries and different casinos.

If you want to play the jackpot you place the jackpot amount in the jackpot slot, or in some casinos in the dedicated field on the table. Remember that it is up to you, not the dealer, to remember to place the jackpot bet on the table. Dealers will often ask you if they think you have forgotten to place the jackpot bet but there is no guarantee that they will notice it and you have no one to blame but yourself if you forget to place it and get a jackpot hand.